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North American Thoroughbred Horse Racing

What to Pick vs. How to Wager
“Which One Do You Think Is More Important?”

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What to Pick vs. How to Wager



Occasionally, most horseplayers pick the correct horses at a race, but they still can’t win at that race. Why?
It's definitely not for the wrong horse racing picks, but the wrong wagers.

Most horse racing pick services offer only the selections of 3 to 6 horses on each race. Not only they don’t care of the cost of the investments on the actual horse races, but also they don’t consider how to wager in order to win the races.

And, their selections are almost same as the morning line odds selections of the program, and those don’t be helpful for the horseplayers at all.

Even though you know the lake with abundant fish, there is no use if you don’t bring appropriate fishing tools with you.

Therefore, we believe that the most important thing in the horse racing betting is how to wager, in order to make a profit at horse racing.

So, we strongly recommend reading the E-Book of THE STORY OF MR. SUPERFECTA with 10 Cent Superfecta Winning Systems that you can get only at

In addition, we also recommend using the Daily Winning Strategy of The Winning Sheets that provides the horse racing picks as well as the wagering strategies to make a profit at horse racing.

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“The story of Mr. Superfecta is awesome, it’s not only very useful for me to play horse racing but also very emotional. I have more than 10 years of experience in horse racing picks and betting. But, I’ve never even imagined your betting systems. Thank you for sharing that with me.” Pat G. (Glendale, AZ)

“The Daily Winning Strategy sheet is great , and the wagering strategies are especially awesome! Those are very helpful for me to make a decision how to bet, ….” Rodrigo A. (Santa Fe, NM)

“Thank you folks, I won the 10 cent Superfecta of $1,473 at Laurel Park yesterday with your Daily Winning Strategy sheet. OMG! It is the first time I have ever hit over 1K and you are the best in horse racing picks as well as horse racing betting strategies.” Jerome K. (Bowie, MD)

“I love your Daily Longshot Selections. Yesterday, at Aqueduct, most winners were low odd horses, but the only longshot winner of the day was your pick. It is unbelievable! The morning line of #2 was 10/1 and the final odd was 17/1. I regretted that I didn’t like the inside position, so I bet only $5 to Win, but I am still very happy.” Kim N. (Flushing, NY)

“Your service is great. And, I like that you sent me revised sheet when the selection was late scratched. You’re the number one, absolutely the best, period!” Randy O. (St. Petersburg, FL)